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One on One Training - Prepare

Prepare Now and Make the Most of Your Session

You're going ahead with One-On-One Training. Lucky you! You'll get training and lots done with your website too. It's good to prepare before you come so you can make the most of your session. Here's what you need to do.

Come Prepared

LAPTOP.  Sessions are held either in person or on skype. For this you need a laptop. Make sure you're happy that you can use it. If you're having any problems at all with it, you'll likely have problems during our training session. So take care of this before we meet.

DOMAIN NAME. Most people want a custom domain. Make sure to purchase the domain before you arrive if you want this setup during our session (you probably do). There are many places you can get this. I recommend Blacknight just because I like them and they have good support. I get no kickbacks for saying this. They are just my preferred domain supplier. You can use anyone you like. Just remember, however, that if you buy from a site in the US and you have problems. it will be more difficult to get support. Just keep this in mind. 


Make sure also to give some consideration to the domain name if you haven't selected one yet. You want it easy to remember and, ideally, not too long. 

QUESTIONNAIRE. I have a questionnaire that I ask everyone who is looking to do a site to complete. This will help you think about it before you come. You can complete this here.

PAYMENT SYSTEMS. If you plan to use a payment systems on your site, you should make sure you have an account setup before you arrive. Think also about pricing, how you will do this and remember that payment systems have fees which you need to consider as well. Some of the payment systems you might use are:

SOCIAL MEDIA. If you want social media connected or linked, you may need access to these. So make sure you have their login details. 

CONTENT. This is one of the most important parts of your website. Have a think about this and pull together the content of what you want in your site. The questionnaire (above) will get you started. Now write the text. What's your message? Who are you writing to (your target)? What would you like visitors to do when they get there? Group your content into sections that are related to different points.

RESEARCH. Have a look at other sites before you come. See what you like and what you think might be suitable for your site. When you have a better idea of what you want, you will be in a good position to make the most of our sessions.

What to Expect

There are two sessions and each one is 90 minutes in length. We'll take a few minutes to review where you're at, what you want to do, and how best to do this. I like to visually draw out the site on paper and will discuss a possible layout with you. Then we work towards putting together a skeleton site which you go home with and can work on. This gives you an opportunity to work on your site and put into practice some of what you learn from the day. 

I do both training and build (or modify) your website at the same time during the session. I explain as I go, check for comprehension, and ask questions if needed for clarity on the site. 

By the second day, if you've done your work on the skeleton, we should be just pulling it together, connecting the domain (if needed) and making sure that it works. There is only so much that can get done in a session so if it's a big site it, obviously, it could take more time to complete. You may decide to go off and do as much as you can on your own, then come back to finish it off. Or you can continue to work with me to get the site done. I am very flexible on and will help if I can. The choice is yours.

Good to Know

I had a student who had a professional brochure made before her training session. This was a big help in two ways. One, she had already given some thought about content and the message for her website. And, two, she was able to get the files for the brochure which we could use in the site itself. This gave her consistent branding and it worked really well. You can see this student website, the Dingle Art School, here.

EMAIL/OTHER SERVICES. If you have other services which you would like setup (Email, Google Analytics, or whatever) I'm happy to help with this if there is time. This is your time so we can use it anyway you like. Just make sure to come prepared with what you want and what you need so we can make the most of your time and get you sorted too.

QUESTIONS? If you've any other questions, drop me an email at

If you're reading this but haven't scheduled your training yet, do that here.

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