Making the most of Pinterest from your Strikingly site

Pinterest is a visual social networking site which allows you to pin images onto virtual pin-boards. Grab images from sites around the web or from other pinners. Like most social networking sites, you can follow others to see what they are pinning and others can follow you. It can be a great tool in marketing especially if you have visual products or services.

Making the most of Pinterest from your Strikingly Site

To make the most of Pinterest with your strikingly site you'll want to:

  1. Claim your website on Pinterest
  2. Get a Save Button (previously called a Pin It Button) which displays on your site images allowing pinners to easily pin images from your site and have them link back to you.
Here's how you do this.

Claim your website on Pinterest

When you claim your website on Pinterest your profile picture shows up next to any Pins that come from your site, and a small globe icon appears to the left of your website’s URL on your profile. You also get access to website analytics which give you insights into what content your audience is most interested in.

Claiming your website is easy. You need only get code from Pinterest and then insert it into the custom code header area on Strikingly (you need a PRO license for this). See video here and steps below.

On Pinterest, once logged in:

  1. Click on 'Claim Your Website' (from your timeline or in settings)
  2. Enter your website URL then click Claim
  3. Select “Add HTML tag” 
  4. Copy the code. 
    • Paste the code in your Strikingly site (see below)
  5. Then click on Next to submit your site for review. Click on Submit
On your Strikingly site:
  1. Go into Settings > Show Advanced > Custom Code
  2. In the header section paste the code here.
    • Note: if you already have HTML custom code here, your Pinterest code should go BEFORE the <style> tag. 
  3. Save and Publish your site
That's it! You've claimed your website on Pinterest. You should get an email notification within 24 hours. Mine came within a few minutes.
Email from Pinterest that you've claimed your website

Get a Save Button (previously Pin It Button) to display on your site

The Save Button makes it easier for your site visitors to pin your images to Pinterest. That's a good thing because it links back to your site. Getting the Save Button on your site is a similar process but there's an extra step if you have a blog. See video here with steps listed below.

From Pinterest:

  1. Go to the Pinterest widget builder available here
  2. Select options for your Save Button. I've selected these:
    • Button type: Image hover
    • Large
    • Leave other options blank/default
  3. Copy code
On your Strikingly site, there are two steps. One for your website and, if you have a blog, one for the blog. Here's what you do.
  1. Go into Settings > Show Advanced > Custom Code 
  2. In the footer section paste the code 
  3. Save and Publish your site
If you have a blog, do this as well:
  1. On your Strikingly dashboard click on the blog icon
  2. Click on custom code
  3. In the Footer Code section paste the code
  4. Save settings
That's it!

If you don't see a save button straight away when you hover over images on your site, refresh the page. Sometimes updates don't take straight away but, if you remembered to publish them on your site, you're good to go. There's no plugins which is a good thing. It means there's no maintenance, updates, or anything further to do. You've got it set and that's all you need.

Happy Pinning!

Notes on Custom Code ...

There are a number of web applications that ask you to add custom code to get functionality in your website. You may be asked to place code:

  • In the index.html file of your website in the <head> section and before the <body> section, or
  • if your code needs to be within or between the <head> </head> tags
In these cases you should add the code in your Strikingly site in Settings>Show Advanced>Custom Code and place the code in the Header section. The Footer section is typically used to add Javascript.
See Strikingly article here for more info on adding custom code:

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