• Hosting with ImpulseHub & Strikingly

    Get a three week free trial of Strikingly PRO here.

  • About ImpulseHub & Strikingly Hosting

     Please note new prices affective 01 January 2024

    Strikingly is one of the most amazing Website Building Tools available. We're proud to be the first and only reseller of the Strikingly platform in Ireland. You get a beautiful website that you make yourself, no worries with software updates, plugins or maintenance, amazing support with live Strikingly chat, and brilliant website performance. It's perfect for solo-preneurs, new businesses or startups. Plus, you get a three-week free trial. All prices are ex-VAT.

  • Here's How It Works

    Hosting with ImpulseHub and Strikingly is simple.


    Complete Request Form

    Request a Strikingly PRO license. Provide your email address and contact information using the request form below. We'll get you setup with a PRO license within 24 to 48 hours. No payment is required.


    Discover, Build, Enjoy

    Build your own site. Play around with it. Customise it as you like. Strikingly is so easy to use. You get a 3 week free trial. During this time you can either order the annual license or cancel at no charge.


    Make Annual Payment

    If you decide to keep the license, make sure you make payment before the trial is up. The current price for one PRO license from ImpulseHub is €108 for the first year then €130/annum (or whatever the current rate is).

  • Note for existing clients only: if you already have a hosting plan in place, you can avail of a two year hosting renewal price in 2024 for €250 + VAT. This will be available in 2024 only. Plans that are renewed at this special price are good for two years and will not need to be renewed again until 2026.

  • What You Get with a PRO License

    Here's all the features you get with a Strikingly PRO License

    What You Get

    Ability to Connect a Custom Domain

    Hosting for 1 year

    HTTPS/SSL Security

    Unlimited Bandwidth

    Up to 300 Products in the Simple Store

    Multiple Page Support

    Strikingly App Store

    Embed HTML/CSS/JavaScript

    Make Your Own Section & Other PRO Section Features

    Remove Strikingly Branding

    Full Font Library

    24/7 Strikingly Support through Live Chat & Email

    What You Don't Get

    Domain Name

    Hassle & Headaches


    Note: Domains are NOT included in your license. There are several domain registration companies where you can get this. We use Namecheap for non-Irish domains and Blacknight for Irish domains but there are many suppliers. Domains typically cost between €10 to €25 per annum depending on the type of domain you buy. You pay this fee directly to the domain registration company. Note: we have no affiliation to either Namecheap or Blacknight.

  • Connecting Your Custom Domain

    For non-techies, the most difficult part of hosting a website is connecting a custom domain. This is only done once to get up and going. You can do this yourself if you're comfortable. Or you can get in touch and have it done for you.

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    1. Connect It Yourself

    If you're comfortable doing this and want to get going, then connect it yourself. You can get more information to help you here.

    2. Have it done for you

    If you'd rather just hand it over to someone else, you can do that too. There's a fee of €80 to get this setup. These connections are a one off and, once you're setup, you're setup (unless you move to a different platform). Sometimes it's nice to just hand it over and get it done.


    If you want it done for you, you need to send and email to hello@impulsehub.ie and request this. We'll need the login details to your domain registration company as we need to change dns hosting records.

  • Request PRO License

    Request a PRO license here. Make sure to include your name, email and phone. You get a three-week free trial and no payment is needed to get setup. Once the trial is over you will be billed for your license.


    Note: if you currently have a free Strikingly account and wish to get a PRO license from me, you need to transfer your site to me. You can get information on transferring your site to me here. Your trial starts from the day your site is received.