• Get Up to 50% Off Your eCommerce Site

    There are a number of business supports available to small businesses to help them trade online. The Trading Online Voucher, from the LEO, is fabulous. You can get up to 50% off a €2500 website to get online, start eCommerce trading, or EXPAND current trading or reach new markets. There's something in it for everyone.

    Trading Online Voucher

    The Irish government's Trading Online Voucher (TOV) scheme for small businesses is a wonderful opportunity for businesses:

    • Who haven’t yet got online 
    • Are online but not yet trading 
    • Are already trading online but want to EXPAND sales or reach new markets. 
    Note that online trading includes services and things like Booking systems.

    It has a value of €2500 and is a brilliant scheme for all small businesses. It’s grant aided 50% and, if you already got one, you can get a second to grow or expand your online business. Some eligibility requirements are:

    • Less than 10 employees and turnover of less than €2M
    • Trading at least 6 months
    • Available to businesses who have already previously received at TOV to allow them to expand sales or reach new markets. 

      With a 50% grant aid and a grant value of $2500, you can get your site eCommerce ready or get prepared to expand your existing sales online. Make sure to check your local LEO office where you can download an application form and review the full T&Cs. They’re accepting a huge number of applications so make sure to get yours in early. You’ll want to be one of the ones who gets this.

      More Information

      More information from the Local Enterprise Office is available about half way down this page: 


      Links to specific LEO offices, applications and more information are available for some locations here:

      Applications are submitted to your local LEO office. If your local office is not listed above, find your local LEO office here.


      More information on the TOV and Government Supports here.

      You can schedule a free 30-minute Zoom session with me here. I’'m happy to see how we can help your business take advantage of the TOV (or other supports), upgrade your site with eCommerce or help with social media.

      I am also working with clients on the Business Continuity Voucher. If you would like to work with me on this, please contact me at teri@impulsehub.ie.


      There are a number of supports available for small businesses. This is the time to get your online business up and ready so you’re well positioned to trade, succeed and move your business forward. If I can help in anyway, please get in touch. Teri

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