Connecting a Custom Domain

Need help connecting a custom domain and getting setup so you're right with Google? Here's how.

Connecting a custom domain is fairly straight forward if you're comfortable with technology. But not everyone is. Fortunately, however, this is only done once and when it's done, it's done. You don't need to think about it any more. To make sure you're right with Google and other platforms, there's a couple things you should check during setup. Use the checklist here to help.

Connections Checklist - Custom Domain and more

  1. Setup Up Custom Domain (all Strikingly domains are HTTPS compliant, yeah! #secureWeb) - Information on how to setup this up here. Also see note below on DNS records and hosting.
    • Note that it takes 24 to 48 hours for a custom domain to propagate on the web so make sure to allow yourself this time when planning to upgrade your site.
    • Use WhatsMyDNS to check propagation
  2. Setup on Google Webmaster - information on how to do this here.
    • Register the property (your website)
    • Verify in Google
    • Submit site map
  3. Connect Google Analytics - Information on how to do this is here.
  4. Install Facebook Pixel (for users with Facebook accounts) - information on how to do this here. There is an easier way and, when I get a moment, I will update this post. 

DNS Records and Hosting

If you are setting this up yourself please note the following. There's two hosting types - DNS and Web. DNS tells servers the records of where to look for your domain. Web hosting is the actual content and hosting of content. The DNS records should NOT be set to external. They should be set to standard forwarding (instructions provided in #1 link above). The DNS nameservers remain with the domain nameservers where your domain is registered. Use the DNS CNAME records to point to Strikingly web hosting.

Have It Done For You

If you'd rather just hand it over to someone else, you can do that too. There's a small fee of €50 to get this setup. These connections are a one off and, once you're setup, you're setup (unless you move to a different platform). Sometimes it's nice to just hand it over and get it done. Here's what you need to do:

  • Use the button below to pay the €50 fee
  • Send us the login details for your domain registration company. You can send that to We need to change the dns hosting records.
  • We'll contact you regarding setup of Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel

That's it! No more headaches. No more worries. Your website will be setup and running so you can get on doing what you do best -- your business. Got questions? Get in touch or sign up now and get this done for you.