Find Us at the Rising Tide Business Centre

39 South Main Street, #7 next to Walshe's Hair Salon in New Ross

If you're coming for an appointment or to a workshop, you can find us at the Rising Tide Business Centre. Four buildings are part of the centre and all of them have a red door and signs.

Location Addresses

ImpulseHub Website Design, Development & Training (office) - 39 South Main Street #7

Rising Tide Business Centre, Conference Room - 35 South Main Street

You can find me on Google maps here:

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This is the front door to my office. The conference room is just down a few doors at 35 South Main Street. It also has a red door.

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Detailed directions here:


Parking is on-street or at Maher's Parking just across from the Daybreak Shop.

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Phone if you get lost! You can reach me at 087 225 6498. Teri