Using MembershipWorks-Admin

Here's how you can manage members in MembershipWorks and use Strikingly for selling or adding events

Got a new MembershipWorks account and not sure what to do? Read on and see how you can make the most of it to manage your members.

Logging in to MembershipWorks

MembershipWorks is a cloud based membership management tool. To login to your account go here: MembershipWorks Admin Login

Basic Member Management

Now that you're in, here's some of the things you'll want to be able to do.


REMOVE A MEMBER - Option 1: Delete directly from folder (be careful!)

REMOVE A MEMBER - Option 2: Move to special folder for deletions and then delete

Remove a Member from a folder

Emailing Members with Membership Works

Adding and Removing Folders

Signing out of MembershipWorks

Use Strikingly with MembershipWorks

Adding a chargeable event in Strikingly

Refunding orders from your Strikingly store

Checking contact forms submitted in Strikingly and responding

Use Dashboard to View Your Website Stats

Adding Events

When you're adding an event, it can be helpful, when using MembershipWorks with Strikingly, to add the event BOTH in MembershipsWorks and as a blog entry in Strikingly. This is especially useful when the event is one that you are hosting. When you do this, it appears on the calendar on your website, and it will be listed in the blog and still show up long after the event has ended.

Here's how to add and remove events from MembershipWorks.

Here's how to add (or remove) an event as a blog post in Strikingly.