Site Reviews

Got a new website? Get a site review and get recommendations specific to your website.

You may be a website student or maybe not. Either way, you've got a new website. Things in the setup and layout can make a difference to your site. If you're not a web developer you may not know about these. So what can you do to get a bit of extra help? Get a site review.

Site Reviews

Site review can be done with or without you. In a site review I review the following.

  • Your published site 
    • layout, flow
    • headers
    • footers
    • navigation
    • connections
    • links
    • SEO
  • Settings - including:
    • Site Title, category, description
    • Social share - image, favicon, twitter card
    • Mobile options
    • Contact forms for GDPR
    • SEO on-site checklist

Additional Connections

I can also review your connections to Google webmaster, Analytics and Facebook if required. This includes:

  • Register property and verify in Google webmaster
  • Submit site map
  • Connect Google Analytics
  • Ad Facebook Pixel ID if required

What You Get

Site reviews can be done with you (a Skype review) or without you (a Video review).

Video Review

In a video review I do the review on my own. I check the site and note what items need to be done. You'll get a short screencast of these items which you can do on your own time. If required (and you give me access), I can also connect Google Analytics, add the Facebook Pixel ID, submit the site map, and register and verify your site in Google webmaster. There is an additional fee for doing connections (see fees below).

Skype Review

When the review is done together, it's done over skype and lasts 30 minutes. I run through my observations and recommendations and we can do updates at the same time. If it runs over (due to questions or number of changes), there is an additional fee depending on time involved. Connections can also be done at this time, time allowing.

Site reviews give you peace of mind. You can go and promote your site knowing that you've given it a professional eye over. These updates can make a big difference in terms of a visitor's experience, whether they want to stay or transact on your page, usability, flow, tracking and SEO.


Fees for a site review are as follows:

  • Video Review
    • €55 - Video Review 
    • €120 - Video Review plus additional connections
  • Skype Review
    • €65 - Skype Review, 30 minutes
    • €40 for each additional 30 minutes if it runs over

Get Started

You can get started here. Unless previously arranged, payment is done in advance. You can pay using the button below. Nothing further is required if you want a video review. If you want a Skype review, schedule a time with me using the 'schedule review' button below.

Get comfort in knowing you've given your website a professional eye over. You'll give yourself a better chance that visitors will have a good experience with your site and will want to engage with you more. You'll know that you have all the basics in place for on-site SEO. Plus, it's easy to get started.

When you sign up, I will be in touch to confirm whether you prefer a Skype or Video review. Contact me here for questions or get started here now.