Managing Your Shopify Store

Updating and Maintaining Your Shopify Store

This page contains information on how you can maintain and update your website. If you have questions, email

Adding/Removing Products

Add and remove products here

Changing the Title Image

Information here on changing the Title Image

Sale Items

Information here on hiding or -hiding a sale section.

Information here on replacing the Title image with a Sale Title image.

Updating Blog Post

Information on adding blog posts

Working With Teri

Updating your Shopify site is easy. But sometimes you need a bit of help. 

If I can answer any queries off the top of my head by email I do, free of charge. If I need to open up your site it will incur my hourly rate. My current rate (plus information on Care packages) is available here.


If you have regular updates, or want help with your site, you might be interested in a Care Plan. For a small monthly fee, this allows you unlimited changes to your site and blogs. See here for more information.


I also provide support in my Facebook Support Group where I talk about growing your business online. You're very welcome to join if interested. I also take and answer questions there.

Shopify Support/Help

There's lots of support available directly from Shopify. You can access this from (you will be prompted to login) or get to this page from your Shopify account (see below). Clicking on your name in the upper right hand corner drops down a menu to the Shopify help center. 

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Logging into your Shopify account allows you to chat with support if needed. After clicking on the Shopify help center, you are provided with a search bar and generic help.  At the bottom of this screen is a button for 'Contact Shopify Support'.

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The route to getting support is as follows: (1) logging in (you may need to do this again for support, even if you already logged in), (2) searching their support database, (3) reviewing the suggested help articles, and then, if that doesn't help, (4) going to their support channel page where you can chat online or phone them. 

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You will be asked to login. The screen will look like this.

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You will be asked to search for the topic that you're interested in. You MUST do this first to access Shopify directly. Once you do a search, you are presented with suggestions.

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Shopify will present you with a list of commonly asked questions and related articles. This can help answer many questions THAT you may have. If it does not, at the BOTTOM of the page is a button to 'Get Help From the Shopify Support Team'. Clicking on this will lead you to the next page with direct access to Shopify either by online chat, email or phone.

Note: you cannot skip these steps because, if you try, you will be redirected to the first step!

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If you're hear, you're now on the Support Channel page where you can access Shopify directly either by online chat, email or phone. You can also access them on Twitter without going through these steps.

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