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Hosting With ImpulseHub

If you're looking for a Strikingly PRO license, here's how to get one

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Hosting With ImpulseHub

As a Strikingly Reseller I provide PRO licenses for hosting your Strikingly website. This post is for you if you've taken one of my classes and/or you want to move a site you developed yourself. If this is for a new license, go here. All PRO licenses come with a 3-week free trial.

The procedure to transfer your free strikingly site to me for a PRO license is easy. Take these simple steps:

Step 1: Find your Strikingly URL

Every free license is assigned a Strikingly URL. This name is needed to identify the site that needs to be transferred. Find it in Settings under domains. In the example below, I've changed the prefix of the default Strikingly URL to, a name that is easier to remember. I'll show you how you can do this next.

Here's how to change the prefix name of your URL.. In the example below I changed the prefix of the URL from site-1271883-1032-5185 to mytestsite. My new Strikingly URL is:

You can change the prefix to any name that is available. This is not a requirement but it does make it easier to identify the name of your site when you request a site transfer.

Step 2: send an email note to and copy me at Ask her to transfer your strikingly site to me, reseller Teri Morris at Provide the name of your URL (i.e., in this example). This note should come from the email address of your current Strikingly account that you used when you registered.

Transfer of your site is normally done within a day or two. When your site is transferred, you'll get a confirmation note from Strikingly. I will also see your site on my side when completed. I'll set you up as a client and email you when done. I need an email address from you that is different from the one you currently use for Strikingly. Once set up, you'll be able to logon to Strikingly as normal using the email that you provide.

Please remember to copy me by email on the request so that I can follow up if needed.

Step 3: Purchase or cancel your subscription before the trial period ends

There is a three week free trial with your Strikingly PRO license. After this time, you need to purchase the license. This is done either by direct debit or paypal annual subscription. The current price for hosting with me (as of 8th March 2018) is €120 per annum. You can purchase a subscription with me here.

Note: if you want to pay by credit card or paypal and do not have a paypal account, you will be asked to create one. You must have a paypal account to have an annual paypal subscription.

If you have queries, get in touch! I'm at Thanks! Teri

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