Creating a subscription product using Stripe

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You can do subscriptions in Strikingly with the membership option. But sometimes you need more granularity than Strikingly can provide. In this case, you might want to set up a Stripe subscription product. Here’s how to do it.

Stripe provides a user-friendly way to create subscription links to easily accept recurring payments from your customers. Go through the steps that follow to help.


Step 1: Access Your Stripe Dashboard

Log in to your Stripe account. Stripe now requires two factor authentication to login so make sure you have access to the mobile phone on file so you can get the code to get into Stripe when logging on. If you don't have an account, sign up for one at


Step 2: Create a Subscription Product

You can create a subscription product either from the Products section or the Billing section. I will go through each.

Products Section

a. In your Stripe Dashboard, go to the "Products" section.

b. Click "Add Product". The ‘Add a Product’ panel will pop up. Fill in the details for the product:

- ** Product Name**

-** Product Description** (optional)

-** Product Image** (optional)

c. Click ‘Next’. A follow on panel will pop up. Fill in additional product details:

-**Make sure ‘Recurring’ is selected** for a subscription product

-**Choose pricing model** (flat rate, tiered, bundle)

-**Choose currency** (EURs)

-**Choose amount**

-**Choose billing period** (monthly, every 3 or 6 months, etc)

d. Click ‘Next’. That panel will close and you will go back to the previous panel. Click ‘Add product’

e. Go to Step 3: Create Subscription Link

Billing Section

a. In your Stripe Dashboard, go to the "Billings" section.

b. Click on the ‘subscriptions’ tab, then click ‘Create Subscriptions’. The ‘Create a Subscription’ panel will open up.

c. Check or complete the following fields:

-** leave the customer field blank**

-**Click on the product field** Click on ‘Add new product’. The ‘Add a new product’ panel will open. Add product details in here.

-**Put in the price** and check that the currency is correct

-**Check that ‘recurring’ is selected**

-**Choose billing period** (monthly, every 3 or 6 months, etc)

-**Click ‘Add Product’. A preview panel will open up. Click to ‘close preview’

-**Click ‘x’ to close the panel view.

d. Go to Step 3: Create Subscription Link


Step 3: Create a Subscription Link

a. In your Stripe Dashboard, navigate to the "Product" section and click on your new product. A new panel will open up.

b. On the right hand side to the bottom of the page, click on ‘Create payment link’. A new panel opens up.

c. Fill in the details for your subscription link:

- **Click ‘let customers adjust quantity’** if applicable.

- **Click ‘collect customer addresses’** if applicable.

- **Click ‘require customer to provide a phone number** if applicable.

- **Click ‘Add custom field’** if you need to collect additional information.

- **When done, on the top right hand side, click on ‘create link’. The link will be created and the panel will close.

d. Copy the subscription link

Under the product name will be a payment link. Click ‘copy’ to copy the link and provide this to your web developer.

e. To manage your branding (i.e., change the checkout options so they reflect your brand) click on ‘Brand Settings’. A new panel will open up. You can upload your logo and change branding colours if you wish.


Customers who follow the subscription link will be directed to a Stripe-hosted checkout page where they can subscribe to the subscription product. They'll provide their payment information, and Stripe will handle the recurring billing.

Once up and running, you’ll want to monitor your subscriptions. In your Stripe Dashboard, you can track and manage customer subscriptions, view payment history, and make any necessary adjustments.

That's it! You've successfully set up a subscription link payment on Stripe. Make sure to regularly monitor your Stripe account to manage subscriptions, handle customer inquiries, and ensure a smooth payment experience.

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