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Web Design Process

Get a professional Strikingly or Shopify website in just 2 weeks!

Website Design Process

Get a Professional Website in 2 weeks!

To give you better support and attention during the creation of your website, I have a two week design process where you get my full attention while we develop your site. We work closely together, you get what you want - a highly professional website that addresses your needs, and it gets up quickly. This means I can provide exceptional support while designing your site and you get a site you love. It also requires that you are available during this time so we can make changes and updates as needed.

All projects start on a Monday and end after 10 business days (nine days when there's a Bank Holidays). The launch of your new website, handover and training happen on the second Friday after the project starts.

Web Design Process

Once we decide to work together, I send you an invoice for the deposit which secures your place for design work. At this point we’ll get you scheduled in my design diary for a start date which is mutually convenient for both of us.

You need to have all images and content provided to me by the start date of the project. You also need to be available to take calls and answer emails on a timely basis so we can move on your project and get things done within the two week period. Not having everything available by the start may mean that we have to push your project back until these items are ready. It may also have financial implications.

Once we’re ready to go, here’s what you can expect:

Two Week Design Process

Week 1, Monday: We have a 1-hour call to (1) review your previously agreed requirements and (2) go over the material (copy and text) that we received. We also briefly discuss the process and get agreement on availability of everyone.

Rest of the week: I put together a site map, colour palette (if needed), do research, and put together an initial website design. There is little for you to do at this point except to be available for questions if needed.

Week 2, Monday: We have a 1-hour call to review your initial home page design.

Rest of week: I make updates based on our conversation. When the home page design is agreed, we work on the other pages. You need to make comments and provide feedback while this is done. I also do webmaster, domain, SEO, and mobile-specific updates of your website.

Friday: This is launch day. We have a 1.5-hour call where I show you how you can update your Strikingly site and we also launch your website. I have a handover package with information on support which I review with you at this time. The final payment (unless otherwise agreed) is also due.

Note on Deposits

A 50% deposit secures your place to book in my design diary. Final payment is due the 2nd Friday.

Dedicated to You

My design process means you have a dedicated web developer working on your website so it works for your business. It is one of the best ways to get a high-quality, professional website up, with the changes needed, ready to go and working for you. Want to know more? Get in touch!

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