Supports to Help during Coronavirus

How I am trying to help businesses at ImpulseHub

This is a challenging time for everyone especially for small businesses. We must rightly put our health and families first. For those who can continue trading, or who want to trade or expand online, I want to do what I can to help. 

First, for frontline service men and women, these are not my typical clients. However, if you are one, related to one, or know of someone who is, and if you have an idea that you believe could be developed online to directly help others during the coronavirus outbreak, please contact me and I will do what I can to help. 

For my current business clients, I’m reducing my hourly rates to €75/hour until the 30th of April to help as many people as possible on work related to this outbreak. This is normally €150/hour for non-contract clients and €120/hour for those on contract or who do regular work with me. 

Business Supports at this Time

Viruses have no regard for business. Many businesses must go on. Here are a few things to think about as you do. 

  • Communicating to your clients, customers and/or patients during this time --letting them know your hours or how your services may have changed in relation to self-isolation, hygiene or social distancing.
  • Trading online - either starting or expanding your existing footprint. 
  • Providing new online services
I know how important this is in business and, to that end, I will be here to help as follows:

Communicating with your clients and customers

Notices regarding Trading/Services during Coronavirus Outbreak - if you are hosting with me, I will make small text changes to your website at no charge to allow you to update your customers or clients. To avail of this service, send a message to with the text you want. Include an image or video link if you want.

For bigger changes (editing lots of text, blog posts, or anything else), there's a small flat fee of €42. In this case you will be notified before any work commences.

Trading Online

If you have questions about trading online (either starting or expanding your existing footprint) - please contact me with your requirements. If there are enough people with this requirement I will put something together online.

If you have questions about providing new services online, again, please contact me to discuss. 

Coffee Chat

I am also having an online coffee chat every day until the end of March from 2 to 2.30pm in my Facebook group here (Zero to Hero Web Club). I am very happy to take your questions here.

Have a look at what some clients are doing: updating text with notices for public safety, trading and social isolation, giving free pet minding services for frontline service men and women, implementing telelinks for dentistry care, and providing online prayers and meditations.

There is so much that can be done and there is a big need too. We must all help to fill that need. Remember to be kind, help each other and we will get through this. If I can help you, get in touch.