Your Kick-Ass Worksheet for 4Q

Get yourself going for the busiest time of the year

It’s September now and Christmas is only a few short months away. Now’s time to think about how you can make the most of what is always the busiest time of year.

To help, I’ve prepared a short list of questions to get you thinking. Go through each one, think about them and what you can do, what steps you should take and how best to put them into action. Questions like:

  • How would your business look in 3 months time if you were doing your best business ever? 
  • What kind of sales would you have? 
  • What product or service would people be buying? How did they hear about you? 

Get excited about what you can do and your potential. Don’t just sit on that feeling until it subsides. Make time now to plan and make that vision a reality.

This handy worksheet is available for download now so there’s really no excuse. Get more clarity on your 4Q, your biz and what needs to be done. And let me know how you get on or if I can help. Download it here:

Kick-Ass Checklist to Get Your Biz Going in 3 months from ImpulseHub

Upcoming Events

There’s a couple worthwhile events coming up next week for those just getting started and for those who are more established.

Website In A Week - for those getting started who need a professional looking website, this is my last class for the year and it starts next week (17th September). It’s super for those who are just getting going and it gets rave reviews. Tell your friends. They’ll be so delighted. Check out others who have taken our training in the student showcase. More info on the class here.

Website In A Week student showcase

Help The Market Choose You - if you’re more established, and need to focus on marketing and getting your message right, this is a day long workshop to help you do just that. It’s run by Finola Howard, a brand and marketing expert and she is just so amazingly good. The workshop will be in Dublin. Sign up for this if you get a chance.

Zero to Hero Web Club

If you want help on websites or extra support, you're welcome to join me in my Facebook group, Zero to Hero Web Club.

If you still need help on GDPR or HTTPs, or just want to know more about it, check out these articles I did earlier this year:

I’m looking forward to the next few months. Let me know how you get on.