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Websites That Work

Private Facebook Group to Help You make the most of your website for your business

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Websites That Work

When you take my course you have (in very short order) your own beautiful looking website that you build yourself. You have the start of something that can work for you and for your business. But it’s only the start.

Really good websites take time and thought and this is reflected in the site. You can’t do that overnight. You must give thought to some basic questions. What do you do? What are you about? How can you put the best of yourself and your company forward to your potential visitor? You get 5 seconds, from when someone gets to your site, to make that impression. Your tone of voice, what you say and how you say it makes all the difference. You also need images that support the content and you want it all working together.

Intuitively most people know that it will take time. This is why, when I give courses, I always get requests from participants to have a follow on course or meetup. To do this I have to make it work for me and my clients. Many of my participants are just starting out in business or they’re trying to get their business going. They want something that’s not going to take a lot of time or cost a lot of money. To deliver this at a reasonable fee, I have to keep my costs down too.

Having given a course online with great feedback, I know I can deliver this service and at an affordable cost. A service that will allow you to continue to work on your website, keep your focus, get you the help that you need, and get your site developed so that it works for you and your business in a short period of time.

I want to help you make the most of your website so that it works for you and your business.

You've gotten some tips about your website in my Website In A Week support group. I will continue to answer questions about the course material there. But I've also created a new group which is membership based, Websites That Work, for those who want to really finish their site, take it to the next level, or get their website working better in line with their business objectives. In this group I'll be able to provide you with more support.

In this group you get:

  • Access to me - have access to someone who is knowledgeable, knows about websites and making them effective and who can give you useful tips and help specific to you.

  • Weekly Tips -- get tips so you keep your website looking fresh all the time

  • Weekly Exercises - have weekly exercises so you continue to build both your Strikingly knowledge and, more importantly, how to implement these so it works for your site.

  • Monthly Q&A Facebook Live calls -- ask anything you want, participate in the discussion, and get ideas from others. I love these and clients find it useful too.

  • Dedicated Facebook Group - we are all moving in the same direction. Facebook groups create a wonderful environment for keeping you business focused.

  • Lock in this low introductory price. If the price goes up for this support group, your subscription price will remain this same low price.

I'm told over and over that one of the best things about taking my course is the amazing support I give and the access to me that they get. Now you can get that too while you finish your site in my new group Websites That Work.

You will also be developing your skills in Strikingly and continue to reap it's many benefits:

  • Get the professional look you want without spending a fortune

  • Have time to focus on what matters: your business

  • Be able to make updates quickly and without costing a fortune

  • Build up your business confidence by having a site working for you

  • Have the freedom to customise your site and really make it your own

Imagine if you didn't have that support. Will you get your site to where you want it? Will you get it finished? You’re almost there. Wouldn’t it be nice to keep going so you get it finished and where you want it to be? And with the help and support that you could use?

This is not a group for those who want to start learning Strikingly. It IS for those who have taken my course already and want to continue to develop their Strikingly knowledge, for those who want to see how they can better use Strikingly for their business, and for those who want to take their website to the next level.

I normally charge €50 for a half hour consultation. But I’m making this private Facebook group available for €35/month where you'll get many hours of support. Instead of looking back saying ‘why didn’t I finish my website’., you’ll be showing off your site to everyone. You’ll be using it in your business, and have greater confidence in online marketing because you make your site your own. Let’s continue this journey and make the most of your website. The only thing holding you back is you.

Monthly investment of €35. Cancel anytime. After payment, you will be taken to the Private Facebook Page where you can join. This investment is small but your potential is huge!

Sign Up to ImpulseHub Workin' It Website Private Facebook group

I want to help with you make the most of your website. What are you waiting for?!

To your continued success,


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