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What's hot for the summer? It's Website In A Week!

This course takes you from newbie to website powerhouse in just a week.  Starting Monday, 30th of July, you'll get up and running with a beauuu-ti-ful website quickly and easily and you'll have fun too. Prices go up in September so you'll want to get in quick. 


Built with Strikingly, a modern and easy to use Software-As-A-Service website building tool, you'll learn all you need to know to get a website up. You can see here some of the gorgeous sites that our past students have made:

ImpulseHub Student Showcase

Strikingly is a Software As A Service (SAAS) application offering both free and paid options for your website based on hosting and features you use. In this workshop you're setup with a PRO license which you have for free for three weeks. You can downgrade to the Free version if you wish.

SAAS applications run in the cloud. Since they take care of all maintenance, you have to host with them. It saves you hugely in terms of time which means you can spend more time on your business. Paid options are required for a custom domain (i.e., or which is the business model for ALL SAAS website builder applications. Do contact us if you have questions.

Get in now for the class that starts next week!

For more information on Website In A Week, go here. It's only €125 for the next class. Prices go to €149 in September. Go on. Get to it!

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