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The Best Website for Your Business

I'll be Swill Coffee & Wine, 6pm, Friday, 22nd Sept in Reno. Come by and say hi!

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There are a multitude of options when investing in a website. -- platforms, costs, making updates, maintenance, doing it yourself or getting a developer, future-proofing and more. Needless to say, making the wrong decision can be costly so it helps to know a bit about this before you leap in.

Five years ago I was part of a startup company. Although we knew how to build our own Wordpress site, we wanted a super professional looking site for our new company and thought it best to get it done. We spent €5K euros (approximately $5.5K) for what was (looking back) only a few basic pages -- ouch. Don’t get me wrong. It looked nice. But we spent a huge amount for something that, in the end, didn’t give us a return. Our business was new and changing. And what we found was that our website needed to change too. We couldn’t afford to keep spending huge sums to do this. Within a few months, our website just did not reflect where we were as a business or where we were going.

Here’s just some of the costs we had with our new site which we didn’t consider:

  • Cost and ease of making updates
  • Cost of maintenance
  • Cost and easy of SEO
  • Cost of ensuring good online performance
  • Cost of website availability and how this was impacted by our hosting decision
  • Cost of time spent to keep our website right and relevant

There’s a lot of disruption in tech so, before you make a significant investment, it pays to find out more and get your questions answered. Website platforms in particular are an important decision because, once you choose one, you’re tied to this and all the costs that go with it.

Want to know more? I’m Teri Morris, founder of Impulse Hub. I created this company initially to show small businesses and solopreneurs how they could create their own website. My business has expanded since but training still remains a large part of what I do and enjoy.

I went to school in Nevada at Reed High School and then on to UNR and I currently live in Ireland with my husband and family. I get back to Reno twice a year to visit family and, wouldn’t you know it, I can’t stop talking about websites. I love working with entrepreneurs and new businesses.

There’s lots available these days to start your own business and very quickly too. I’ll be speaking about this, websites, and options you have. And I’ll be taking your questions too. You can find me at:

Swill Coffee & Wine on Friday, 22nd September, at 6pm

ImpulseHub The Best Website for Your Business - Reno Event

Here’s what you can expect:

  • An understanding of how websites have changed, what’s available if you choose to do this yourself, and why this is a good option for many new businesses and startups.
  • The costs involved (real and hidden) with getting a website up
  • How to design a website so that it works for you and your business
  • An invitation to my private Facebook group where I give out tips and support on websites and online marketing
  • A $20 coupon which can be applied to any of my training courses

If time allows I will also give a demonstration of a cool website building platform called Strikingly. This event is for startups, small business owners, solopreneurs, or anyone who wants to start a business.

If you’ve put this on the back burner, or are just starting to think about it, now’s the time to get out and talk to someone who can help. Come on over this Friday. Get your questions answered and let’s see how I can help. Register now for your free ticket.


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