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Need to move to HTTPS? It's easier now to do that and move to Strikingly too!

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I previously wrote about how Google will, from July, starting marking non-HTTPS site as ‘not secure’ (see ‘Take steps to secure now with HTTPs’). Since then a number of people with Wordpress sites have gotten in touch. They say they’ve spoken to their hosting providers and these companies want to charge €79 (or more) per site per year. This is on top of their normal hosting charge. This is an additional €158 per year for one woman and over €200 for another. If you needed another reason to start looking at Strikingly, this is it.  

All new Strikingly sites are automatically HTTPS complaint. It’s the default protocol since the end of 2017. Strikingly websites are also easier to build, easier to maintain, have ‘you-won’t-know-yourself’ support, and generally make life hugely easier. Plus, all new licenses come with a 3 week trial. You can test it out for free for three weeks at no charge. Just pay before the trial ends.

Need another reason to switch? Oh, okay. For a limited time, you can get a PRO Strikingly license for the first year for only €79, and €100 for year two. That’s your hosting, all PRO features, and HTTPS as standard. The normal price is €100 the first year and €120 every year after. This is a significant discount and is a great way to move to a platform that works with you and makes growing your business so much easier.

Ditch the heartaches of maintenance, performance, support, HTTPS and so much more with Wordpress. Move to something better. Go on. You’re worth it and so is your business. This is a limited offer and is good until the 22nd of July.

Contact us at and we'll be in touch with your shiny new Strikingly license. Go for it!

If you are a current Strikingly user on the Basic plan, email and we'll take care of the rest!

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