Is Your Website Working for You?

Join me on August 23rd, Guinness Enterprise Centre, for a Free Talk on websites, platforms, and getting it to work for you

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Is your website working for you or is it costing you in time, frustration and money?

I get it. Once upon a time I used to think that, if only we had a good website, that everything would come right for me and my business. Five years ago I was working on my second business with two colleagues. Thinking with this mindset, we spent €5K for a website and logo only to find out, a few short months later, that we really didn’t understand our business enough. As we spoke to customers and changed our services, we needed to change our website as well to keep it relevant. After we spent all this money we realised that we would likely need to change our business (and website) several times again because our business was new and evolving and we still had a lot of work to do to get this right.

Ouch. That was an expensive lesson but one which I still remember.

Since that time I have worked with many entrepreneurs, small businesses and startups. Friends asked for help because they knew I worked in technology. They wanted a new or upgraded website which wouldn’t cost a fortune -- not just in development but in maintaining it too. This is when I started my third business -- ImpulseHub, a website design, development and training agency.

Today there are a multitude of website options, web developers, and and range of costs as well. The field is changing and quickly too. I often see questions about choosing a platform and developing your own website. I’ve worked with many platforms and I’ve had different businesses too. I know how these small decisions can have a major impact on your time, cost and ability to help or hinder your business. This is why I am giving a FREE talk in Dublin THIS Wednesday to answer your questions.

Websites & Getting Them to Work For You
When: Wednesday, August 23
Time: 12.30noon
Where: Guinness Enterprise Centre, Dublin
Contact: (01) 410 0600

I will talk about:

  • The goal of your website: how will it help your business? E-commerce and doing business online.
  • The changing space of websites
  • Next-generation and Software As A Service website builders
  • Comparison of Wordpress, Strikingly, Squarespace, Wix and Weebly -- costs, features/plugins, skills, support, and SEO
  • Having a mobile-first strategy
  • Demo and Q&A

Whatever questions you have, bring um! I’ll answer them and help you make sense of what is right for you.

Finding out more about what you should know can greatly help before you make your next investment in websites. Contact me at or 087 225 6498 for more information or, better yet, show up Wednesday! This is going to be a great day and it will be all about helping you. See you there!

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