Digital Christmas Countdown

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Update: You have the guide, now build out your posts! Get into my next Canva for Business course on Friday, November 2nd. Secure your place here.

We're all very busy so I always appreciate it when I get a nice and handy document that helps me digitally plan for the holidays. Wouldn't it be nice to have something like this to make it easier to get out your social media? Yes? Your wish is granted.

Christmas Digital Countdown Guide

Your Christmas digital countdown guide has dates, ideas and tips to help make this your best holiday season ever. It will help you engage with visitors (potential customers), be relevant and timely and make it easier to get your posts done and out.  When you can get these done quicker, you can engage with visitors more. And that's a good thing. 


You can download your guide here. You're welcome. :D

Here's a sample of what you'll see:

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