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Check out these Client and Student Websites developed over the past year.

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As a thank you for your business in 2017, I'm showcasing client and student websites that were developed over the past year on my Facebook page. You can also check them out here:

Day 1: Kelly Colfer & Son

Day 1 website is Kelly Colfer Son & Poyntz. It was my first website since I formed the company last year. I updated their site, made it more attractive and, of course, mobile responsive. #clientWebsite 

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Day 2: Clodagh Thorisson Nutrition 

Day 2 website is Clodagh Thorisson Nutrition. A nutritional therapist, she created this beautiful site. #studentWebsite #proudTeacher #ChristmasShowcase

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Day 3: Jul Handcrafted Jewellery

Day 3 website is from Annette Byrne from Jul Handcrafted Jewellery Annette Byrne. She creates beautiful handcrafted jewellery in Wexford and also does parties for groups of 8 or more. Check out her beautiful website here which I created only few months ago. #ClientWebsite #ChristmasShowcase #SupportIrish

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Day 4: Gorgeous Gifts with Love

Day 4 website is Gorgeous Gifts with Love. Siobhan was one of my first students on Website In An Hour. She created this beautiful website. Check it out and please support Irish! #studentWebsite #ChristmasShowcase #SupportIrish 

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Day 5: Fertility Treatment Centre

Day 5 website is Siobhan Kehoe’s Fertility Treatment Centre. Siobhan had a Wordpress site that was doing well but expensive to update and maintain. Last year we moved her to the Strikingly platform and updated her site with a new design, new layout and better user experience. We also did a lot of work online with Facebook Live events, social media marketing, and website updates which reinforced her brand. Siobhan is speaking on South East Radio tomorrow (Wed, 6th Dec) about recurrent miscarriages and fertility at 10.30am. Please pass this on to anyone you think might benefit. And check out her site too. You'll find it reflects her professional, active and busy practice. #clientWebsite #ChristmasShowcase 

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Day 6: Salann Salt for Food

Day 6 website is Charlene Hiscock’s @Salann Salt for Food. Charlene set up this ecommerce website selling Himalayan sea salt after taking Website In A Week. You can catch her at Christmas markets selling Himalayan Sea Salt for Food and also a relaxing salt for Bath. Check out her site here and support Irish! #studentWebsite #ChristmasShowcase #SupportIrish #proudTeacher

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Day 7: LightAdvice

Day 7 website is LightAdvice. I did this #website for Robert last year. He wanted to upgrade his site, highlight his specialty areas, and really bring out the best in what he does. He’s delighted with how it turned out. Check it out! #clientWebsite #ChristmasShowcase

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Day 8: Triangle Marketing

Day 8 website is Triangle Marketing. Hillary setup this website last year after taking Website In An Hour. She’s a small business consulting other small businesses. She’s done a fantastic job, is able to maintain it herself and it just looks great! Check it out! #studentWebsite #ChristmasShowcase #ProudTeacher 

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Day 9: Media Group

Day 9 website belongs to the lovely Conall O Móráin. I had great fun doing his website. He wanted an investigative, broadsheet look for his PR & Communications company. I think we captured that. Check it out. #ClientWebsite #ChristmasShowcase

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Day 10: Creative Genie

Day 10 website is from Trisha Bonham Corcoran from @CreativeGenie. After trying other platforms for 3 years, she was able to build this ecommerce site in one week (with my Website In A Week course). Check it ou! #studentWebsite #ChristmasShowcase #ProudTeacher #SupportIrish

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Day 11: Nettie Bowie CBT

Day 11 website is Nettie Bowie’s website for CBT. I worked with Nettie to understand what she wanted to do with her new site. Then I started fresh on the Strikingly platform, totally revamped everything on the old site and made it more current with design, flow and images. For me, this was an important project as I think her work is so hugely important. I tried to bring this out and she was happy with the result. Do check it out and please share with anyone who you think might benefit. #clientWebsite #ChristmasShowcase

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Day 12: Tap2Heal

Day 12 website is Tap2Heal. Vero took my Website In An Hour course last year and she completely revamped her site and made it ecommerce ready in just a few days. She says that having a new website lifted her spirits.She felt her old site did not reflect her business or where she wanted to be. She now updates her site on a regular basis as her business grows and changes. She is an energy healer and practitioner. Do check it out. #studentWebsite #ChristmasShowcase

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Day 13: Mol's Tiles

Day 13 Website is Mol's Tiles. Mol had a beautiful WP site but it had on-going technical issues that presented the site visitor with error messages, it was too focused on design and not the visitor experience, and even with ecommerce functionality, it didn’t generate online sales. I felt it also didn’t adequately display her beautiful artwork and this was a problem. We discussed moving her site to Strikingly. I wanted to make sure that this was the right thing for her and that it would help. We moved it last year and re-designed the layout. We kept a similar design but focused more on displaying her art. The result is that she’s now getting online sales where she didn’t in the past. She’s completely booked up for Christmas -- not necessarily due to the website because she does a lot of ground work herself but she's had to turn away orders that were placed on her site online. I'm super happy for her. Do check out her site. She still takes orders for delivery after Christmas! ;) #clientWebsite #ChristmasShowcase

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Day 14: County Wexford School of Music

Day 14 Website is County Wexford School of Music. My 17 year old son took my Website In An Hour course. The school was looking to get their website updated and he was looking for experience and pocket money. He also attended the school when he was younger, studying piano, so there were many natural connections already. It was a great fit. The school provides a high standard of music tuition in County Wexford. Make sure to check them out! #studentWebsite #ChristmasShowcase #ProudTeacher

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Day 15: Lodge Road Therapy

Day 15 website is Lodge Road Therapy. Angela had a website which had not been updated in some time. I completely redesign it this year so it has a better user experience, better navigation, is more modern and relevant, and is good for SEO. I also add eCommerce functionality which means she now gets sales online. Angela took my course Website In An Hour as well so, although her site was professionally designed, she’s able to make her own updates. When she wanted to add a new service, Rahanni Celestial Healing, she did this herself. Her business has been well established for some time and now she has a beautiful website too. Check it out. #clientWebsite #ChristmasShowcase

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Day 16: Clara Whitaker: Coaching for Heros

Day 16 website is Clara Whitaker: Coaching For Heroes. Clara is a career and professional development coach. Whether you need help creating a vision for your career or you're struggling as you juggle parenthood and work, Clara can help. She set up her practice after she came to Ireland about a year ago. She was looking for a way to put her business out there and took Website In A Week only a few weeks ago. This online course has Facebbok live events and helps you get a professional looking site up yourself in only a week. She created this beautiful site. Check it out! #studentWebsite #ChristmasShowcase #ProudTeacher #SupportIrish

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Day 17: LRK Flooring

Day 17 website is LRK Flooring. This is a website with I did for Robert and Linda Kerbey. They supply high quality flooring to commercial businesses and also to some luxury homes. I updated their website only a few months ago. They wanted it more modern and to better reflect the professional and high quality image of their company. They also wanted to be able to showcase their flooring from different projects. We did this in the Gallery section. They do beautiful work and now have a beautiful website too. Do check it out. #clientWebsite

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Day 18: Pigmentti

Day 18 website is Pigmentti. Noel approached me about doing my course after hearing me on TodayFM but I didn’t have courses coming up in Limerick. We discussed how best to get a professional site up quickly that he could maintain himself. I created the base site and then worked with him so that he understood how to use Strikingly and could also maintain it himself. Noel is an artisan decorator so his site had to look good. One-on-one tutoring means he’s able to make changes as needed. Check out his site and the beautiful work that he does. #studentWebsite #ChristmasShowcase #ProudTeacher

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Day 19: Yellow Rose B&B

Day 19 website is Yellow Rose B&B. Janette has a lovely new B&B just outside of beautiful Kilkenny. She was looking for a website to help showcase her new business. She wanted purple and yellow for her logo and we used these colours in her site. We focused on the beautiful location and also on her wonderful rooms with exceptionally high standards. Every room is modern, clean and comfortable. It’s like a fancy hotel! Check out her site here and pay her a visit if you’re ever going to Callan or Kilkenny. #clientWebsite
#ChristmasShowcase #SupportIrish

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Day 20: Dingle Art School

Day 20 website is Dingle Art School. Anne took my Website In A Week course to develop a website for her new art school. She followed this up with one-on-one sessions to finish the site. She teaches art for adults of all ages and has a residential programme too for those visiting Dingle. Check out her site and find the budding artist in you! #studentWebsite #ChristmasShowcase #ProudTeacher 

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Day 21: ATS Chartered Accountants

Day 21 website is ATS Accountants. Susan was looking for a new website for her accountancy business. Many of her clients are women so we decided to go for a friendly site that would appeal to business women. Her site was one of my first when I started last year. It's a basic site designed to give her a web presence. Check it out and if you’re looking for a good accountant, give her a buzz! #clientWebsite #ChristmasShowcase #SupportIrish

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Day 22: Bed and Biscuit Boarding Kennels

Day 22 website is Bed & Biscuit. Yvonne took my Website In An Hour course and, in one afternoon, she had her website up. She followed up with a Day Out With Teri workshop a few weeks later. I helped her put in a booking system which, even though her kennels weren’t yet built, would allow her to take pre-bookings. By the time she opened her kennels in June she had pre-bookings in place.Yvonne is passionate about dogs and her boarding kennel business. She has beautiful kennels and is located in Wexford. Check out her site here. #studentWebsite #ChristmasShowcase #ProudTeacher 

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Day 23: Trauma Stress Relief

Day 23 #website is Trauma Stress Relief. Dr. Ramirez is one of the top pain management consultants in the country and in psychosomatic conditions. He’s working on new technology to help with these conditions. I was thrilled when he asked me to do his site. He wants to use it to showcase some of the work that he is doing and, in particular, his work around new technology. This website is a work in progress. It is the first step in what will hopefully be much more to come from Dr. Ramirez. You can check out his website here: #clientWebsite #ChristmasShowcase

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Day 24: ImpulseHub

Day 24 website is ImpulseHub, which I started a little over a year ago. I spend so much time on client and student websites that, like the cobbler’s children, I don’t spend enough time on my own. But it’s still a good place to get information about my company and what I do. And it’s high on the agenda for an overhaul. Do check it out and have a super Christmas! #ChristmasShowcase 

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