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Site Checks for a well functioning Website

To keep your website functioning well, it’s good to do periodic checks for broken links

For those who host with Strikingly, your software maintenance is taken care of for you. This has many savings in terms of time and money which I’ve spoken about before (note to self: write blog about this too!). But to keep your website functioning well, it’s good to do periodic checks for broken links (both internal and external). Do this and it can help your website perform better in search.

Broken Links

Broken links happen for a number of reasons. You may have linked internally in your website to a page that either no longer exists, or the page name or URL has been changed. In both cases, you’ll want to update the link so that visitors who click on it, will be re-directed to the page they're expecting.

You can also get a broken link if you are linking to an external page and that page no longer exists, or, again, maybe their page name or URL has been changed. If there is no redirection in place, your visitor will not have a good experience. Visitors form their opinions of sites, how professional they are, and how they take care of them by their experience they have on your site. So you want to make sure to check and fix broken links on a periodic basis. 

For those who upgraded to HTTPS, you may have several links pointing to your old HTTP (non-secure) pages. Or you may have external links that point to HTTP (non-secure) pages that have also upgraded to HTTPS. In both cases, you should find and fix these links.

For those interested in regular, on-going checks and support, I offer a package where I check broken links and provide a Google Analytics report every month along with recommendations and advice. It’s like have a personal business consultant by your site. More information on this service is available here.

Broken Links Check

For those who want a one-off check of their site, I have the following offering:

Broken Links check - I check for broken links, provide a report and correct up to 20 of these on your website for €79. Additional links that need to be corrected are charged at €42 for each 20 additional links. Once the initial report is done, you will be advised as to how many broken links you have.

To get going, an initial payment of €79 is required. Getting your site checked is good housekeeping, will help your visitors have a better experience, and will help you in search. You can get these checks done and corrected by ordering here.

NOTE: this is a new service and, for the month of April, it will be available for only €59. Order must be placed before the 30th of April 2019 to avail of the special price. To take advantage of this offer, order here.

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