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If you're looking to boost your business for Christmas, I've got some offerings to help.

Boost Your Business Christmas Offerings

Check these out to help you get business ready for Christmas:

Christmas Banners -- an easy way to update your site and be current with the holiday season, you can put a personal message, link to new products or services or just keep it warm fuzzy all on your main banner. People come back to sites that are updated. This is one reason why blogs are popular. But it's even nicer if you occasionally update the banner. My standard price is €50 for a banner. This includes a stock image and updating the website. Now I’m making it available at €40 if ordered by the 12th of December for the first five clients.
>>Order Your Christmas Banner here

Christmas & New Year Banners -- this offer is for a banner for both Christmas and New Years. If you want to start updating your site with current content, this is a great way to start. You can link to promotions or let your brand shine through. Authenticity is key. Normally €50 each (or €100 for two), you can get both for €75 if ordered by the 12th of December. This includes two stock images and updating your website for Christmas and in the New Year.
>>Order Your Christmas and New Year Banners here

New Years Only Banners -- this is the same as the Christmas banner except it’s for New Years. Again, the standard price is normally €50. If ordered before the 20th of December, you can get it for €40. This gets you a stock image for the New Year and updating the website.
>>Order Your New Years Banner here

I need Christmas banner orders by the 12th. This is only a few days away so, if you want to do this, you need to move quick! For New Years' banners, I need orders by the 20th of Dec. Christmas banners will be put up within a day or two of ordering.

Please note that this is a limited offering. I want to make sure that I can get all orders done on time. I can take banner orders for the first 5 clients only! Have a think about this and see if it makes sense for you. Then move quickly if you want this.

Christmas Vouchers -- this a special deal if you want Christmas vouchers on your website. Many developers are charging €300 - €400 to get Christmas payment systems ready on smaller sites. Because this is easily done with Strikingly, I'm doing it for a fraction of the price. If you have a paypal account, I will set up a voucher system on your Strikingly website for €100. I have one client for this already and can take one more. 

Things are hectic now so plan what you're doing forChristmas and get it in place. You'll want to move quick because Christmas is coming! Email or call 0872256498 if you have questions or if I can help.

To your continued success,


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